Alessa’s 18th

Alessa’s birthday bash was so epic and nostalgic!

First, Galileans were reunited  after highschool. Then, the venue was in their house, we treated it as our second home. And lastly, the night reflects the joyful memories we had.

tumblr_l4ct9s59pj1qaoizho1_54028243_1142022728762_1773279176_258243_2349285_nalessas-debut-4Sandy, Mametz, Rons, Kazel, Marj, Lyra, Chrizzy, Ding, Jane, Haze28243_1142021128722_1773279176_258214_6215242_nChrizzy, Lyra, Mametz, Alessyalessas-debut-7Mametz, Alessy, Chrizzy, Lyraalessas-debutMametz, Alessy, Neren, Chrizzy


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