A Blabber

Stir up Filipino People!

The poverty or prosperity of a person does not depend on the one who sits on the top. It is apparently on the hands of the one who’s doing the action. There are wise people who become richer in the regime of Cory Aquino, while there are others who become poorer; same as in the administration of Erap Estrada and Gloria Arroyo. There are just wise people who take risks on every opportunity and there are some who just keep on blaming those people on the top even though it does not affect their own personal lives. Instead of lying down, watching telenovelas, talking loquaciously with your neighbors and browsing your social networking sites, move and be in motion. Do something. Your life depends on you–only you– not on the barangay captain, councilors, congressmen, governors, senators or on the president of this country.


What can you say?

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