A Lifetime


Time passes even when it seems impossible.

Once, they were just childish, inexperienced and pubescent individuals with different obsession meddling in the core of the superannuated vitality.

Then, the silhouettes of each individual commenced with another as they journey the chaos and continue to fight the big waves of obstacles and chagrins of their virtuous life.

Together, they plucked the strings of guitar and sing to the medley of each being.

Sweet exchange of laughter; eccentric and foolish jokes; the ridiculous things that only all of them can do and understand; the open arms and broad shoulders to cry on; and the endless rhythm of humors will be the emblem of the Galileans and will never be omitted in each life.

Many inveigle have dominated their felicity, yet they were still tough.

The nourishment of others, the so-called friends, have helped them to strive more.

And now, they were again those juvenile individuals searching in the fresh life as they continue the voyage of their lives.

But this time, they were now parted from one another.

But the insulation was never an impediment, yet they were more coalesced than before.

The affinity they built will never be forgotten by any means of catastrophe.


May 30, 2009


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