I Live to be Model Thin

At the present time people endured the world of full entertainment with a taste of technology. It has been within the reach the relish of others to mix their lives with pure leisure and have a savor of their hobby. Because of these new gadgets and technology, we can now strike our best pose even if we’re not professional models; we can flash our best smiles even if we’re not commercial icons; pretend like we are experts even though our body’s figure is far away from a mannequin’s.

The thing is, we can become those stunning models who strut the runways and act as if and made our dreams come through without compromising. All we have to do is to grab a camera: a professional camera like DSLR or a simple digital camera or even your hi-res phone. You can upload it in your facebook or twitter account, instagram or start a new blog and feel free to express yourself. Let the world know that you, yourself, live to be model thin. So to give you a little inspiration, me and my friends pulled out our best clothes and poses in front of the camera.

Corporate look (from day to night)



ImageBlack cardigan, DIY high waist pants, stilettos, bangle, bronze owl necklace

Summer fever



ImageWhite tank top, leggings, black flip flops

Winter zeal

ImageMoss long cardigan, printed skirt (used as top), yellow belt



For those who are into photography here are some cool and up-to-date cameras for you.





Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras are excellent cameras that produce clearer, sharper and more colourful images than most point and shoot digital cameras available. With prices falling rapidly, they are now more affordable then ever.


You may also try this for a non-pro look. Elegant, stylish and simple the Nikon digital camera range allows those who are not having any photographic experience to capture moments all special moments.

Don’t brag about your body or your not-camera-ready face. Remember girls, all you to wear is a lot of confidence and dashing smile. As long as you’re comfortable in your clothes, you are as hot as the girls in the magazines. Keep in mind that you are who you wear.

Photo credits: R.A. Nicerio, Google


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