Unseen World Of Fashion

Fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Seeing people in the virtuous kingdom of fashion – with all the flashy lights of the cameras by paparazzi, the glamorous gowns, the twinkling eyes with long lashes of the ladies and oh so many more – makes you wish to enter the same world they had. Like what Blair Waldorf said, “If you wanna be part of this world, people will talk. Eventually, you gotta decide if all this is worth it.“

Yeah, looks can be deceiving. It’s not that easy to be in their world. If you’re a fashion designer, you have to keep up with stylists pressuring you about the dresses they’ve ordered ‘cause they need it for their editorial or advertising campaign. If you’re a fashion stylist, you need to set aside your own fashion sense and take into consideration the interests of your clients – the model, advertisers and the likes. If you’re a fashion photographer, you have to meet up client’s expectations for their advertising and brand campaigns.  If you are a model, we all know what the model do’s and don’ts all thanks to Tyra.

But once you’ve entered this realm world, all your hard works will literally pay off. You now have the spotlight, plus the various magazine covers and editorials. The celebrity will line up just to be in your clothes. It’s amazing, right?

There’s no rule saying you can have these or that. With lots of burning desire you can have whatever you want. Just save lots of confidence, experiences and imagination because these will help you build a strong foundation. Always set up a deepest “why” in yourself for you to wake up every morning, not wasting your time every single day. Remember your passion will lead you far greater than you can imagine.

Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2013-2014


Photo Credits: thepurplevelvet.wordpress.com, sybilia.wordpress.com


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