The Serene Feeling That Has San Miguel

It has been a couple of months since my my friends and I explored San Miguel Island in Tabaco City, Bicol, Philippines. San Miguel Island is located off the eastern coast of Albay in the Lagonoy Gulf. It is part of Albay’s chain of islands that include Cagraray, Batan and Rapu-rapu. San Miguel Island is home to an island marine reserve established by Coastal Resource Management Project in San Miguel Island. (COREMAP-SMI)

It’s only a 25-minute-boat-ride away from the city of Tabaco. After landing, you can see the glistening white sand this rich island has. It has not been fully developed by the local government yet, which makes its natural beauty shine truly. Few residents had built resorts for other travelers to stay overnight. It was kinda sad though that we haven’t rummaged the virgin part of the island. The residents said that we should take the habal-habal ride for us to get there and a series of walking. Oh well, there’s always a time for another trip.

chrizluminario IMG_5987 (2) IMG_6000 (2) IMG_6021 (2) IMG_6022 (2) IMG_6030 (2) IMG_6040 IMG_6046 IMG_6055 IMG_6056 IMG_6064

April 9, 2015


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