A Journey at 25

This day marks another chapter of my life. I’ve lived for about a quarter. Can I rate myself 9 out of 10? 

Well, to be honest, my early 20’s is a roller-coaster ride and I’m about to lose my seatbelt in the process. After graduation in college, I lived alone in the metro away from my family to be independent and finally earn for a living. I enjoyed partying, staying late up at night, shopping, mall and bar-hopping, travelling and doing all the things I haven’t done when I’m still with my parents. But as my feet gets closer to a door that says “quarter-life crisis”, I found myself being lost in the moment. Doubt and fear are standing right in front of me. Signs of anxiety and depression hit me. As a result, I’ve had numerous illnesses and my chronic skin disease became a really serious problem. On top of that, I still had to make both ends meet. It’s a battle between my passion and the real world. I forgot how to live anymore…

The first quarter of my life echoed true joy of being young and wreckless, and in between, I stumbled upon the shadow of the great fear of the unknown.

Today, I’m 25 — age where society would expect more from you. It’s that point of life where they expect you to be successful and at the same time wishes you commit  mistakes and be miserable in life. But who cares, I’m happy with where I am right now. Will try not to worry  too much and to simply live life as it is. 

So my rate would definitely be 10. I don’t say I’ve lived a perfect life but I see imperfect things perfectly. 

For me, my journey in this world is like a precious diamond: at first, it undergoes intense pressure and heat then shines magically after several cuts.

– Chrizzy 170224 1:48


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