A Greenminded Fashion Show

"I am CBEMian and I am Greenminded", a fashion show for a cause. The very first fashion show (I think) inside Bicol University CBEM campus; The Entrepreneurship Department made a history! It was intended to raise funds to establish a realistic and functional solid waste management system and put up a Material Resource Facility within … Continue reading A Greenminded Fashion Show


A Beginning

All I can say is FINALLY! Sixteen years of school is over. No more reservations. No more point in turning back. Thank you Ma and Pa and hello reality!  “Graduation is only a concept.  In real life every day you graduate.  Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life.  If you can … Continue reading A Beginning

A Midpoint

It’s Grad Day - a special event, so it means that you have to follow the dress code. But for me every rule has an exception. It's "breaking the dress code" day 🙂 Let’s take a glimpse of that special day. My best gal friendsYay! Our Diplomas :)This is what we ate. I fortunately convinced the server … Continue reading A Midpoint

Alessa’s 18th

Alessa’s birthday bash was so epic and nostalgic! First, Galileans were reunited  after highschool. Then, the venue was in their house, we treated it as our second home. And lastly, the night reflects the joyful memories we had. Sandy, Mametz, Rons, Kazel, Marj, Lyra, Chrizzy, Ding, Jane, HazeChrizzy, Lyra, Mametz, AlessyMametz, Alessy, Chrizzy, LyraMametz, Alessy, … Continue reading Alessa’s 18th